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Who does not enjoy painting? It comes with the fun of having the various colours glide through the surface of the object. It is done with all the excitement and enthusiasm that begins to fade the moment paint spills. It is still possible to deal with the paint that accidentally got on the garments by at least replacing them with new ones. But what about the paint that got on you or other objects? Gharpedia offers six easy paint removal techniques that work like magic on any surface.

There are also times when we are too focused on the enjoyable aspects of painting and forget to take note of the colour of the paint under ideal lighting. This ruins the surface that we apply it to. This raises the question of what one does when there is a need to remove a previously applied paint swatch and repaint it with a new colour. Our painters know how to remove paint stains from surfaces in order to correct all of these scenarios.

We have solvent paint strippers penetrate the layers of paint and break the bond between the paint and the object by swelling the paint. The active ingredient in the most effective paint strippers is dichloromethane, also called methylene chloride.

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