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The Customer understands and agrees that certain conditions within a building may cause the growth of various types of mold, organisms or other hazardous pollutants or contaminates. These conditions may be caused by a combination of moisture, warm air and an organic medium. These conditions may be created by a number of circumstances including, but not limited to, leaking roofs, walls, floors, windows, water or soil lines breaking, inadequate and poorly balanced heating and ventilation equipment, the improper use of vapor control media on exterior walls, storms, floods, vandalism, etc. Moist or wet areas may be undiscoverable without removal of ceiling, wall and floor coverings and a thorough investigation of the specific areas. These coverings include paneling, drywall or plaster materials, floor coverings, underlayment and sub-flooring, sheathing, exterior siding and possibly roofing materials and decking.

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